LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Executive Board

ILGA-Europe's Executive Board is the organisation's main governing body. Board members are elected every year by the Annual Conference and represent member organisations.

In October 2021, during the ILGA-Europe AGM Online, the following Executive Board members were confirmed:


As the Executive Director of Sarajevo Open Centre she currently manages the programs, is in charge of securing the financial stability of the organisation, ensures the quality of the work performed and results achieved towards strategic goals, led by the highest standards when it comes to finances, transparency, anti-corruption and human resources.


President of a French queer feminist NGO, they co-founded Spectrum after years of activism in the French and Iranian queer and feminist movements.  


Ivan Dimov is the Founder and Chairman of Single Step Foundation, whose mission is to support, motivate and empower LGBTI youth and their parents in Bulgaria.

He is an LGBT activist and a human rights defender living and working in Armenia. He started his activism in 2002 and founded Pink Armenia in 2007. Mamikon is elected board member of Non-Discrimination and Equality Coalition in Armenia as well as the president of Human Rights House Yerevan since 2018.

Penny has been involved with LGBT+ work at UNISON for over 10 years and for the past two years has do-chaired the International Sub-committee of UNISON’S National LGBT+ Committee. Penny works as the Inclusion and Diversity Advisor for The Royal Society of Chemistry. 

Tommy Petersen is a member of the Danish LGBT Committee and sits on the Board of Copenhagen Pride. He comes from 8 years as a politician on the City Council of Copenhagen and brings extensive experience within LGBT+ politics, lawmaking, fundraising and activism.

As the Advocacy Program Manager at RFSL (Sweden), she currently works on coordinating advocacy efforts of a Coalition of organisations from Eastern Europe.

Additionally, Natia has more than ten years of leadership experience in the Georgian LGBT movement, where she actively engaged in community mobilization, research, advocacy and increasing positive visibility of SOGI issues in the society.  Natia holds two MA degrees in Gender Studies and Global Politics. 

Yves Aerts Jacobs is a board member of ILGA-Europe and a European representative to the ILGA board. Since 2007, they have worked as the Executive Director of Çavaria in Belgium.

Yuri is an LGBTQI human rights defender from Ukraine. But currently he lives in Estonia where works as a Human Rights Coordinator at ECOM - Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity.