LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Winner of Fellowship Prize donates to ILGA-Europe

On 18 March, economist Dr. Ralph De Haas became the winner of the first Willem F. Duisenberg Fellowship Prize. He decided to donate a significant part of the prize to support the work of ILGA-Europe in the hope that his contribution will in particular help ILGA-Europe to strengthen its activities in former-USSR countries.

ILGA-Europe Executive Director Evelyne Paradis: “We congratulate Ralph with this significant acknowledgement of his important research work and we sincerely thank Ralph for his contribution”. Ralph sets an excellent example for others by cultivating philanthropy in Europe in support of work to advance the human rights of LGBTI people.”

Ralph De Haas receives this honour for his research into the impact of bank lending in emerging markets on households and small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for his research on the (in)stability of international credit flows. The Willem F. Duisenberg Fellowship Prize aims to foster excellence in applied policy research in the Netherlands and will be awarded to outstanding young scholars in the area of applied monetary economics, applied macroeconomics, financial stability or public finance.

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