LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Gender equality at school: support education as a tool for change!

Joint call from civil society organisations to support the Rodrigues report.


Civil society and human rights organisations call on Members of the European Parliament to support the report on “Empowering girls through education in the EU” in the plenary vote on 8 September.

This report proposes actions to ensure that all national education systems promote gender equality, raise girls’ profiles and skills and ultimately improve their personal and professional development. 

Ensuring that all girls access education is not enough: public education must also help them become autonomous citizens who fully enjoy their social, economic, cultural and political rights. Education must be a tool that effectively helps girls and boys to embrace the career they want and decide freely over their personal and sexual lives.

On 8 September, we hope that MEPs will commit to defend gender equality and girls’ rights and therefore firmly support the report as it stands. 


  • European Humanist Federation
  • European Parliamentary Forum for Population and Development
  • ILGA-Europe
  • European Women’s Lobby
  • International Planned Parenthood Federation- European Network


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