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Support open letter to the National Geographic by Czech organisation Trans*parent

ILGA-Europe has endorsed Trans*parent‘s open letter to the Editor-in-Chief of the National Geographic Magazine.

[text produced by Transgender Europe]

The trans rights organisation from the Czech Republic points out a number of problematic issues with the Czech edition of the National Geographic’s Special Issue “Gender Revolution”. Including but not limited to the incorrect translation and definitions of terminology, the omission of articles which could have supported and raised trans awareness in the country, and more seriously an editorial which calls the “gender revolution” a “disintegration of traditional family, nation, religion, and race.” and an expert interview with a psychiatrist, sexologist, and former politician who “routinely conflates the term ‘sexual orientation’ with ‘gender identity’.”

Trans*parent’s full letter can be read her

ILGA-Europe calls on organisations or individuals to also send us information on the translated issues of  ‘Gender Revolution’ if they have also been problematic in terms of content in their country. Please contact Nanna Moe, Senior Communications Officer.

If you want to support the open letter, contact Trans*parent here.