LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Six steps to improve the state of the Union - not just another joint statement

ILGA-Europe, together with 176 other civil society organisations, are asking European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to pause for a moment in advance of the 2016 State of the Union and start to refocus the EU agenda on what matters for people: that their fundamental rights are protected; that their children grow up in an open and tolerant society; that the most vulnerable are treated with dignity and respect.

The civil society common call for a new Europe for planet and prosperity for all sets out six steps we can take to shape a Europe that is inclusive, open and fair.

Europe needs to go back to its core values of cooperation, solidarity and collaboration for all people and the planet we share. ILGA-Europe are wholeheartedly committed to this common statement as the EU’s core values mirror our own dedication to equality for all and social inclusion.

How can Europe work for its people? How can we all work together for a better Europe, not less Europe? How can Europe provide an answer to rising nationalism, hate and populism across Europe?  These are the questions that many people are struggling to respond to. Non-governmental organisations from all over the EU and beyond are ready to help the European institutions to find an answer.

All the organisations that have put their names to this statement represent hundreds of member groups who in turn represent thousands and thousands of people living in Europe.

Those people need to know that the European Union is still relevant, that its lawmakers understand their situation and that those with the power to change things will do so for the better.

To President Juncker, ILGA-Europe say this - you have the opportunity to break the ‘business as usual’ mould and show that the well-being of people is at the core of the Brussels institutions. Take it.