LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Remember former ILGA-Europe-family member – Christine Loudes

It has been a month since our ILGA-Europe family was saddened to learn of the passing of our dear friend, Christine Loudes.

From 2004 to 2008, Christine played a central role in shaping ILGA-Europe’s advocacy work. Combining legal expertise, analysis and strategic campaigning, she led several key advocacy actions for ILGA-Europe with the European Union, pushed the development of our litigation work and played a significant role in our inclusion of trans equality in our work. She brought a strong, forward-looking and inclusive commitment to human rights to the core of ILGA-Europe’s policy and advocacy work, always insisting on the importance of putting LGBT activists at the centre of our action.

Christine went on to do exceptional work in leading Amnesty International’s End FGM European campaign that succeeded in putting female genital mutilation high on the EU agenda, and led to the establishment of our End FGM Network. More recently, she had worked at the EU Gender Institute as a senior adviser. (In Memoriam)

The many words received from within ILGA-Europe’s family are a testimony to the impact she had on so many of us, nearly a decade ago. We remember her warm smile and golden heart, her passion for fairness and justice, her great humanity and compassion, her creativity, her contagious laughter, her integrity, her generosity, her unwavering belief in humankind. Christine is particularly remembered for her profound desire and capacity to empower others, for the way in which she was truly present in her relationship with others and respectful of everyone.

She touched so many of our lives, and we will fondly remember her. As a kindred soul and a light in the march for equality and social justice.

All of our thoughts are with her family and friends.