LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Re-granting scheme: Stronger movements - Confident steps to social change

Deadline for applications is 6 July 2017 at 18.00 CET

Full details on eligibilty and the documents you need to apply are available below:

Please note: the programme is open only to Georgian LGBTI organisations or initiative groups.

ILGA-Europe will support work through a combination of activities: a re-granting scheme, capacity building activities, and also covering the cost of participating at ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conferences in Warsaw 2017 and Brussels 2018.

The 'Stronger movements - Confident steps to social change' re-granting scheme in a nutshell

We believe that for positive social, legal and political change to happen in Georgia, the LGBTI movement needs support. This support would mean they could better respond to challenges and opportunities that arise. ILGA-Europe will encourage and sustain LGBTI strategic and collaborative advocacy work in Georgia during 2017-2018 through the current re-granting programme and capacity building .

Objective & activities

This programme's objective is to increase the LGBTI movement’s ability to effectively respond to challenges and opportunities in Georgia by strengthening the capacity and skills of organisations/groups, their cohesion and ability to generate efficient partnerships, and creating coalitions for leveraging change.

We believe that supporting a strategic approach towards stronger LGBTI organisations and initiative groups with shared strategies for collaboration will achieve the following:

  • A better response to LGBTI communities’ needs and threats. 
  • Organisations/initiative groups’ strategies such as advocacy, litigation, campaigning, etc. will be significantly strengthened and efficiently implemented.
  • Organisations and groups will cooperate and communicate most effeciently among themselves and will be able to reach out to stakeholders who can leverage change.


Activities that can be supported under this grant include (but are not limited to):

  • Activities aimed at increasing awareness of professional groups and civil servants, but also other societal groups;
  • Activities responding to the immediate needs of LGBTI victims of hate crime and/or discrimination;
  • Activities leveraging evidence-based advocacy;
  • Activities aimed at achieving positive social, legal and political shifts through consolidated partnership and coalition efforts;
  • Activities aimed at community mobilising and organising;
  • Activities engaging LGBTI people who are further marginalised (perhaps because of their ethnic background, disability, language, geographical distance, faith or belief/religious identity, or because they don’t see a space for themselves because they identify as bisexual, transgender or intersex and the activities being organised seem to be only for lesbians or gay men, etc.);
  • Activities aimed at organisational development related to the focus of the current objective.

Budget & scope

ILGA-Europe will provide up to five grants under the current call. 

The grant amount available for your application is a maximum of €35,000, and will depend on the organisations/groups’ current ability to develop and manage projects, as well as being proportionate to existing budgets.


Organisations or groups in Georgia who are carrying out activities supporting the rights of LGBTI people are eligible under the current call for applications.


Deadline for applications is 6 July 2017 at 18.00 CET. Results will be available in August 2017

Application package