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Re-granting programme ‘Organising for change: Communities rising’

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ILGA-Europe are launching a new re-granting programme ‘Organising for change: Communities rising’ to support LGBTI community organising work in the European region. Deadline for applications is 24 April 2017 at 18 CET

The programme is open to LGBTI organisations from the following countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey. ILGA-Europe will support work through a combination of activities: re-granting scheme, ongoing peer learning and coaching.

LGBTI community organising is about individuals coming together, sharing their stories, gain support and strength from that sharing. This collective gathering of experiences eventually leads to people further organising to make a change in their community or society, so that the negative experiences will not be repeated for themselves or others. We believe that for social change towards acceptance of diversity and equality to happen, LGBTI people and communities needs to be at the core of our work. LGBTI community organising allows having a better understanding of LGBTI people’s experiences and needs. This knowledge gives direction to our advocacy, litigation, and other type of work. On the other hand, the more LGBTI people are aware, engaged, and mobilised, the more LGBTI individuals, groups and organisations are empowered and enabled in their work towards change. It is about enhancing communities’ ownership, participation, empowerment, being respectful, intersectional, accessible, and inclusive.

Find here the full invitation and application form and the budget template

To know more about LGBTI community organising see ILGA-Europe’s document “Organising for change: Resources to support LGBTI community organising work” - here.

'Organising for change' re-granting scheme in a nutshell

Re-granting objective & activities

This programme aims to increase the LGBTI movement’s abilities to effect change for LGBTI people in Europe through strengthening organisations and groups’ capacity and skills of community organising work. Through the programme we want:

  • To increase the ability of the European LGBTI organisations to understand, reflect, and represent communities' needs
  • To strengthen communities' ownership and mobilisation especially around human rights work
  • To ultimately increase LGBTI people’s enjoyment of human rights.

Under the re-granting scheme we will support efforts that link LGBTI community work with documentation, advocacy, litigation, campaigning and mobilisation, alliance building, etc. Activities that can be supported under this grant include (but are not limited to): needs assessment that supports organisations’ direction of work; development of community activities to reach out and engage LGBTI people who are further marginalised; actions that focus on engaging communities in advocacy, documentation work, campaigns, etc.

ILGA-Europe welcome projects that look into creating sustainable practices or systems that will endure beyond the grant timeframe. The purpose of this project is to strengthen LGBTI community organising throughout the European region. ILGA-Europe aim to make lessons learned widely available.

Budget & scope

Organisations carrying out activities supporting the rights of LGBTI people in the pre-selected program countries are eligible: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey.

By starting with a limited group of countries, ILGA-Europe and partners will be able to focus on achieving results and capturing the learning; the intention is for lessons learned and good practices to be consolidated and to be made available more widely within the European movement following this project. 

The grant amount available for your application is a maximum of € 9.500 for up to eight grants.  Projects are expected to start on 1 September ant to last 12 months.


Deadline for applications is 24 April 2017 at 18 CET. Results will be available in June 2017.

Application package

Find here the full invitation and application form and the budget template

To submit or if you have any questions or doubts in the preparation of your project proposal, please contact Valeria Santostefano, ILGA-Europe Senior Programmes & Policy Officer.