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LGBTI-phobic attacks reported in Armenia

ILGA-Europe have received reports of LGBTI-phobic attacks against members of the community in Armenia. LAST UPDATED: 17 April

**Content warning: some descriptions of the incidents are included below.**

According to the latest update published by one of our member organisations PINK Armenia, a 15-year-old was stabbed in Yerevan last weekend. The attack was committed on 1 April by a 35-year-old man who, following his arrest, told police that he had carried out the stabbing because he assumed that the victim was gay.

This follows the news that a trans woman was attacked in her own apartment on 27 February, also in Yerevan. Again, the updates came via an ILGA-Europe member, Right Side NGO. An attacker physically assaulted J, the 32-year-old woman, before locking her up and setting her apartment on fire.

These shocking events are not isolated incidents and have prompted many organisations to protest in front of the General Prosecutor's Office earlier today, calling for adequate investigations into LGBTI-phobic hate crimes. ILGA-Europe add our voice to the demand for an immediate and thorough investigation.

Armenia is currently at 47th place (out of 49 countries) on the Rainbow Europe Map/Index, ranking countries in terms of their LGBTI-inclusive law and policies. 

  • A full list of the actions required immediately from state authorities is available on the PINK Armenia website (in Armenian, with English and Russian versions also available).


News of additional discriminatory attacks against members of the LGBTI community have reached ILGA-Europe since last weekend.

  • Right Side NGO have confirmed that on 11 April one of their employees was subjected to violence and mocked during a visit to the Arabkir military commissariat station. The human rights defender was threatened and insulted, and also had their phone confiscated by military service workers.
  • Our member organisation Right Side also became aware of an incident on 15 April, where a trans woman living in Yerevan was physically attacked. Her throat was cut during the attack and we understand that she is currently being treated in hospital.