LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Joint Appeal to the German Federal Government

Overcoming Germany’s Blocking of the Proposed Equal Treatment Directive

Six years on from the introduction of the horizontal Equal Treatment directive, major hurdles still need to be cleared before the law can be adopted. Several member states are delaying the introduction of a law to protect people across Europe from discrimination outside the labour market.

Somewhat puzzlingly, Germany is the main culprit. While other member states name problems they have with the actual text of the directive, Germany even refuses to enter into negotiations on the content, despite having a similarly broad anti-discrimination law of their own since 2006.

Along with our NGO partners, ILGA-Europe have added their voice to a call from the German equality authority. FADA are calling upon the German federal government to end its opposition to the draft directive and enter into a discussion without delay.

The joint statement, co-signed by ILGA-Europe, is available in English here.

The original German text is also available online. More information is available on FADA's website.