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ILGA-Europe publishes a Toolkit on organising Pride events in hostile environments

This Toolkit is a response to hostile and violent opposition to the first lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Pride events in some Eastern and Central European countries during last few years.

The Toolkit is intended to provide ideas, information and resources for those wanting to organise Pride events in a hostile environment. In drawing heavily on the experiences and successes of Pride organisers, and matching this input with information on support available from the European institutions and the LGBT community internationally, it aims to underpin the consolidation of progress made so far, and provide the initial know-how for those wishing to arrange events in countries and towns where no Pride events have yet been held.

The Toolkit was prepared in close cooperation with Pride organisers in various countries. At the Pride against Prejudice conference during EuroPride 2006 in London last July, over 100 activists from 28 countries provided valuable input and suggestions for the Toolkit. The Toolkit will be presented at the end of October at the ILGA-Europe 10th Annual Conference in Sofia.

Patricia Prendiville, Executive Director of ILGA-Europe, said:

“The struggle to achieve freedom of assembly and expression for LGBT people across Central and Eastern Europe presents enormous challenges, excitement and exhilaration. Hatred and the ever present threat of violence has to be met with great courage and commitment.

We hope our Toolkit will be a useful instrument for LGBT activists organising Pride events in countries where Pride events are being organised for the first time or facing fierce opposition. Our aim is to equip them with practical tolls on how to maximise their efforts to achieve full and unconditional right to free expression and assembly for all LGBT people in all European countries.”


For more information please contact
Juris Lavrikovs at + 32 2 609 54 16 / + 32 496 708 375

Notes for editors:

(1) ILGA-Europe is the European Region of the International Lesbian and Gay Association and works for equality and human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Europe.

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