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ILGA-Europe launches new website

Fill in your space – let’s create a picture of LGBT Europe together!

Today ILGA-Europe launched its new website – For the past few months we were busy consulting and putting together ideas on how to improve our site, how to make it more interactive and relevant to our members and all others working in the fields of equality and human rights.

Today we deliver the result of the first phase and on top of all the usual information about ILGA-Europe, its campaigns, projects and publications we provide space for our members and all other equality and human rights professionals and activists to advertise their work. We also provide an LGBT guide to Europe which will have information on LGBT situation in each European country and will explain the main European organisations and their relevance to LGBT people.

Our plan is ambitious! We want our site to be a place where you

can learn and let others know about useful resources such as reports, books, projects and organisations,
learn and let others know about news and developments on the situations for LGBT people in different European countries,
read and exchange useful information and knowledge on lobbying, fundraising and many other areas we are all working on.
We encourage all interested organisations and individuals to contribute to the creation of this unique resource by submitting information on the legal and social situation for LGBT people in individual European countries, submit information on the projects you are planning, currently working on or have completed, resources you produced or know of.

Patricia Prendiville, Executive Director of ILGA-Europe said:

“This is a significant development in our communication work. Not only has ILGA-Europe now a contemporary, professional and stylish on-line ‘business card’, but we also improved our ability to provide a space for a virtual networking, learning and information exchange. We look forward to your contributions, feedback and further improvement of the site”.

For more information please contact

Juris Lavrikovs at + 32 2 609 54 16 / + 32 496 708 3751. Please note that due to the nature of DNS, changes to a new server are never immediate. It can take up to 24 hours for the changes to "propagate" around the Internet. (DNS servers cache records for a period of time. This results in a propagation delay where some servers are unaware of the new server, as they already have records in their cache).