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ILGA-Europe appoints new Executive Director - Dirk De Meirleir

On 24 November 2008, the Employment Sub-Committee of ILGA-Europe’s Executive Board unanimously selected Dirk De Meirleir to be the Executive Director of ILGA-Europe from 2009.

Dirk De Meirleir has worked as head of department for non-racial discrimination in the National Belgian Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism since 2003 and been with the organisation since 1999.

Dirk's department handles complaints and advises on discrimination and diversity issues concerning sexual orientation, disability, age, religion and belief, fortune, present or future health condition and physical characteristics.

Earlier in his career he worked as parliamentary assistant to MP's, MEP's, Senators and members of the regional Flemish Parliament and in this period he actively promoted the ideas of same-sex partnership, opening up marriage to same-sex couples and anti-discrimination legislation for gays and lesbians within his party and more importantly in support of a number of MP's. In this he worked closely with the Holebifederatie, the Flemish LGBT organisation.

He is a founding member of EQUINET, European network of Equality Bodies, presently as member of the Executive Board and the Treasurer.

He has also been involved in a number of EU-funded projects and has a good insight of the EU Institutions, among others because of his position as a technical advisor in the discussions that are taking place in the Council on the proposed goods and services directive.

Deborah Lambillotte, Co-Chair of ILGA-Europe’s Executive Board, said:

“We are pleased Dirk De Meirleir will be joining ILGA-Europe in 2009 as our new Executive Director. Dirk has long working experience in the field of equality and we are sure he will be an excellent addition to ILGA-Europe’s family of membership, board and staff.”

Martin K.I. Christensen, Co-Chair of ILGA-Europe’s Executive Board, added:

“ILGA-Europe went through a lot of developmental changes for the last four years and has firmly established itself as a serious and respectable equality and human rights NGO at European level. We are confident Dirk’s management experience and his leadership style will ensure the continuation and further advances of a strong and professional ILGA-Europe.”

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Notes for editors:

(1) ILGA-Europe is the European Region of the International Lesbian and Gay Association and works for equality and human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Europe: