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IDAHOT 2017 - what did I miss?

17 May is a busy day in the calendar of LGBTI activists all over Europe.

Here is a round-up of events, statements and celebrations that took place to mark International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia 2017. 

Have we missed anything? Let us know if you'd like to add to the 17 May list!

  • If you hear it, if you say it - social media campaign launched by Association Lambda Warsaw on IDAHOT 2017. It is the first campaign in Poland focused entirely on domestic violence against LGBT people.
  • Towards a bright LGBTI+ future - conference in Brussels hosted by Çavaria, the Flemish LGBT umbrella organisation.
  • Here We Go Again! - the May 17th Organising Committee held 11 days of events to mark IDAHOT in  Cyprus and increase LGBTI+ visibility, including a picnic in Famagusta, an art seminar, poetry readings, documentary screenings and workshops. 
  • Labris marked IDAHOT in seven cities in Serbia - website dedicated to 17 May 2017 activities. 
  • Rainbow Days - in the years when Lithuania does not host Baltic Pride, the national LGBT* rights organisation LGL organise the Rainbow Days festival. In 2017, it took place from 9 - 20 May in three major cities: Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. See examples of the events (including a bus campaignhere, here and here
  • Illuminator - on 17 May, a new Russian-language online resource on SOGI was officially launched. The unique Illuminator website is addressed to those who need basic information about diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity - it is primarily aimed at parents of LGBT children. 
  • Equal Rights for Every Kind of Love - event organised by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency of Germany at the Brandenburg Gate, with speeches by FADA Director Christine Lüders, Justice Minister Maas, and contemporary witness Helmut Kress who was convicted under section 175 in Germany.


  • Stonewall UK IDAHOT video: