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Greater equality is on the way for same-sex couples in Slovenia

The Civil Partnership Act will become operational in February 2017, meaning that same-sex partners in Slovenia will be able to enjoy the same rights as married couples, except for access to joint adoption and in vitro fertilisation.

ILGA-Europe send our best wishes to our friends in Slovenia and congratulate them on their efforts to secure greater recognition, protection and equality for same-sex couples. This has been a long, and at times emotional, road for LGBTI activists and NGOs. Today, ILGA-Europe are celebrating with you all.

The bill had been proposed by Jan Moderndorfer MP in December 2015, after an amendment to the law on marriage, designed to open access to marriage to all couples, was defeated by a referendum.

In April 2016, the SDMS union which represents migrant workers attempted to subject the Civil Partnership Act to a referendum as well. This request was refused by the speaker of the National Assembly. Yesterday, SDMS’s appeal to the Constitutional Court was also rejected, meaning the law will be effective in February 2017.