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Germany finally says Ja - Bundestag votes for marriage equality!

It’s official – marriage equality is about to become a reality in Germany.

This morning’s plenary vote in the Bundestag supported an equal marriage proposal put forward by the Social Democrats (SPD).

393 members of parliament voted in favour, while 226 voted against and 4 abstained, after Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed her CDU party a free vote on the issue.

“After years of waiting and hoping, rainbow families in Germany will now receive equal recognition under the law – this is a historic milestone that can inspire even more change for LGBTI people.” commented ILGA-Europe Executive Director Evelyne Paradis.

“This result has taken years of persistence - and now there is momentum in Germany. Marriage equality is not the final destination. LGBTI people and their families need to feel safe and supported in every facet of their lives –outside the civil registry office, as well as inside it.” Evelyne Paradis continued.

The existing marriage legislation will now be amended to open up marriage to same-sex couples.

As a result, same-sex couples will be able to equally enjoy all the rights linked to marriage – meaning that access to joint adoption will also become an option.

ILGA-Europe says congratulations and Glückwunsch to all the LGBTI activists and allies, including supportive politicians, who have made this change happen. We hope to see policymakers moving quickly to update the law after today’s vote.

The marriage law will be amended to reflect today’s vote, and same-sex couples could be able to get married before the end of 2017.