LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Expression Abridged - new report from IGLYO

IGLYO’s latest report “Expression Abridged” is essential reading for LGBTI activists, researchers, academics and the media alike.

Officially launched at the European Parliament in Brussels on 24 April, the report contains a thorough legal analysis of the anti-LGBTI ‘propaganda’ laws that exist or have been proposed in Europe and Central Asia.

IGLYO’s Capacity Building Officer Tudor Kovacs pointed out that Expression Abridged is not only a useful resource, but can also be a valuable tool for activists in planning their activities or when challenging opponents who try to enforce or submit these laws for inclusion on the legislative agenda.

Everyone at the event was reminded that the Russian federal legislation, enacted in 2013, might be the most infamous of the so-called ‘anti-propaganda’ laws but it is not the only one. A bill seeking to introduce even harsher penalties is still being considered by Kyrgyzstan’s’ parliament – a fact that LGBTI activists Nadira and Anastasia underlined at the launch.