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European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week 2015

This year the testing week is taking place from Friday 20 to Friday 27 November 2015 - leading up to World AIDS Day on Tuesday 1 December 2015.

ILGA-Europe is uniting with organisations, institutions, key opinion leaders and government leaders throughout Europe, to encourage people who may be at risk of HIV and/ or hepatitis to become aware of their status.

Now in its third year, testing week has expanded to include hepatitis for 2015. Hepatitis B and C are common among people at risk of and among those living with HIV, because these viruses are transmitted in many of the same ways HIV is transmitted – through injection drug use and condomless sex.

The theme for testing week 2015 is Test.Treat.Prevent, with the aim of increasing positive dialogue among those who ought to be tested for HIV and hepatitis and those who ought to be offering tests. It’s important that people at risk of HIV and/ or hepatitis know their status as soon as possible. Today, HIV treatments advances mean that people living with HIV and hepatitis can live healthily for a long time if they are diagnosed early and those with hepatitis C can be cured.

Find more information about the Testing Week 2015 here