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EP calls for EU LGBT Roadmap

ILGA-Europe has been calling for such EU Roadmap for many years and warmly welcomes the European Parliaments support for an EU strategy on how to fight discrimination against LGBT people.

Evelyne Paradis, Executive Director of ILGA-Europe, said:
“Today’s vote is particularly important as the religious extremists, anti-choice and other ultra-conservative groups organised a massive sabotage campaign against this report using lies and deliberately twisting the facts. But fortunately, the European parliamentarians demonstrated their clear commitment to the EU fundamental principle of equality, non-discrimination and dignity for all.”

Paulo Côrte-Real, Co-Chair of ILGA-Europe’s executive Board, added:
“We are now looking forward to work with the European Commission, EU Member States on making sure the EU adopts this Roadmap. The EU needs to clearly set the aims and targets in tackling homophobia/transphobia, to switch on all of its already existing competences to reach those targets, and to have a clear system of measuring its progress in this area. This Roadmap is an urgent necessity if the EU is serious about addressing discrimination against LGBT people.”

Lunacek report – on the EU Roadmap against homophobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity

Frequently Asked Questions on the LGBT Roadmap report (Lunacek Report) by the European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT Rights