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Call for project proposals on cooperation with public authorities to tackle homophobic and transphobic crime

ILGA-Europe announces a call for project proposals dedicated to the reinforcement or to the development of new cooperation models between LGBTI NGOs and public authorities to tackle homophobic and transphobic crime. This call is supported by the government of the Netherlands. Deadline for applications: 15 September 2014.

Goal of this call
The goal of this call is particularly focused, and can be summarised as follows:

ILGA-Europe intends to support the development of new steps towards national structural strategies to tackle hate crimes, bringing together LGBTI NGOs and a range of institutional partners holding a competence to tackle such crimes.
The possible institutional partners of such a systemic strategy include, but are not limited to: police forces, police authorities, governmental authorities, law-makers, prosecution services, the judiciary, equality bodies, human rights institutions, lawyers, as well as all the related education and training specialised institutions.
The actions that may form part of such systemic strategies include, but are not limited to: the development of tools to support cooperation with the above-mentioned public authorities, to support the implementation of focused training schemes for all the officials and professions involved in reacting to hate crime, or the creation of cooperation bodies or exchange platforms between the different stakeholders.
Actions aiming at creating or reinforcing confidence and trust between LGBTI people and the competent public institutions, competent bodies and relevant professions will be regarded as particularly important in the context of this call.
Actions that will contribute to reinforcing solidarity between LGBTI NGOs and communities and other communities at risk of being victims of hate crime are welcome.
ILGA-Europe intends to award 4 grants of 4,000 € each. Funding amounts may be adjusted on the basis of the scope of the project proposal, taking into consideration factors such as geographical scope, existence of co-funding, capacity to absorb funding and costs of living in the concerned country.

Over the past years, ILGA-Europe, other NGOs as well as various institutions have developed a number of tools that provide possible applicants with resources to build their project and the policy models they intend to promote.

ILGA-Europe strongly recommends that the proposed applications make use of such resources (the list below is non-exhaustive):

  • In the area of hate crime monitoring:
    • ILGA-Europe’s Guidelines on how to monitor and report LGBTI-phobic incidents, and the glossary developed in the frame of that methodology: see the entry Hate crime monitoring tools on this webpage.
    • The Facing Facts! Project’s Monitoring Guidelines (available in various languages).
  • In the area of legislation enactment:
    • In the EU context, to use Directive 2012/29/EU: ILGA-Europe’s Guidelines for transposition EU Crime Victims’ Directive and homophobic/transphobic hate crimes. (attached)
    • In all European contexts: the OSCE/ODIHR’s Hate Crime Laws – A Practical Guide.
  • In the area of training for competent public officials and other professions:
  • In the area of NGO/public authorities cooperation, as well as advocacy initiatives:
    • Collection of good practices by ILGA-Europe: Joining forces to combat homophobic and transphobic hate crime. Cooperation between police forces and LGBT organisations in Europe. (attached)
    • ILGA-Europe’s advocacy manual: Make It Work: Six steps to effective LGBT human rights advocacy. (attached)

ILGA-Europe’s staff remains available to facilitate information exchange on methodological tools used by its successful applicants.

Project planning and eligibility criteria
Applications will need to include a clear activity plan based on a coherent advocacy/campaigning model. The activity plan should be developed between November 2014 and March 2015.
Applications will need to include a clear and credible provisional budget. The budget should be annexed. Budget proposals be of an amount of 4.000 €. A maximum of 20% of the budget can go to overhead expenses (administrative and office costs). All other costs are eligible if justified by the needs of the project.

Application forms shall include a description of the planned activities and of the techniques chosen to evaluate the completion of objectives. Your proposals will be evaluated taking into account the capacity of your organisations to implement the initiative and reporting requirements.
Information on your organisation’s plans to sustain in the long term the development and enhancement of the systemic strategies put in place to tackle hate crime will be considered as an asset for your application.

Other eligibility criteria
Proposals will be accepted from officially registered with local authorities LGBT organisations or unregistered initiative groups (in countries, where there are no registered LGBTI NGOs).
Applications should provide a clear methodology and outline what the objectives, added-value and expected outcomes are, by following carefully the application pack’s instruction.

The deadline for applications is 15 September 2014, 18.00 CET. Decisions on grants awarded will be communicated late November.

You can submit your application or ask any questions about the Fund to ILGA-Europe’s Policy & Programmes Officer Joël Le Déroff.

ILGA-Europe looks forward to your applications and wishes you luck!