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Call for participants: Capacity-building seminar on the role of LGBTI organisations to address HIV and STIs

On 9-10 February 2017, ILGA-Europe and the European Aids Treatment Group (EATG) are jointly organising a capacity-building seminar in Brussels. 

Rationale and objectives of this capacity-building seminar

One of the findings of the membership consultation on HIV-STIs launched by ILGA-Europe in March 2016 was the need, identified by LGBTI organisations, for capacity-building events that would allow them to better understand:

  • What their added-value in the fight against HIV-STIs is
  • How to re-mobilise local LGBTI communities in this fight

This was also confirmed at the workshop on HIV-STIs hold at ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference in Nicosia in October 2016.

This capacity-building seminar, jointly held by ILGA-Europe and the European Aids Treatment Group (EATG) will aim at:

  • Providing participants with scientific knowledge regarding: the transmission routes of HIV-STIs, factors that may put key populations, and in particular LGBTI people, more at risk of HIV-STIs infections, the current state of play when it comes to prevention and treatment.
  • Identifying, together with participants, barriers that remain to LGBTI activism (advocacy, awareness-raising, campaigning, etc.) to address the raise of HIV-STIs among LGBTI communities. 
  • Enabling participants to overcome those barriers and ensure that LGBTI activists are empowered to fully participate in this fight.


Travel and accommodation costs are covered by ILGA-Europe. The seminar will take place in ILGA-Europe offices (Brussels) on 9-10 February 2017 (arrival on 8 February evening, departure on 10 February end of afternoon).

Profile of participants

Participation to this seminar is open to all ILGA-Europe members’ representatives.  However, due to funding limitations, we can only include a small number of participants form outside the EU. In our selection process, ILGA-Europe will aim at ensuring a diversity of participants, in terms of:

  • Sexual orientations, gender identities and sex characteristics
  • Regional diversity
  • Levels of expertise and experience of the applicant and their organisation in the area of HIV-STIs 

Application process

Please complete the application form and return it by e-mail to Sophie Aujean, Senior Policy & Programmes Officer, by the 3 January 2017 at the latest.