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3rd International Intersex Forum in Malta

The 3rd International Intersex Forum will take place in Malta from 29 November to 1 December 2013.

The application deadline is 16 August 2013. Late applications cannot be considered.

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All persons that would like to participate in the forthcoming 3rd International Intersex Forum need to fill all sections of the application form.

All persons that would like to be considered for one of the limited number of scholarship available need to indicate this clearly in Part B of the form.

For the purpose of fair representation and self-determination, a lot of importance will be given to the participants identification as intersex (or having an intersex background), and/or their work for intersex recognition, rights and respect at local, national, regional or international levels. This means that we cannot accommodate researches or activists keen on learning more on intersex issues at this Forum, as its purpose is not to pass on information about intersex issues but rather to assist the formation of the global intersex movement.

The process towards this year’s Forum will be managed by a Preparatory Team, which for the first time extends to intersex activists outside of the ILGA structure. It consists of Silvan Agius (ILGA-Europe), Ruth Baldacchino (ILGA), Mauro Cabral (GATE, Argentina), Mani Mitchell (AIC, New Zealand) and Hida Viloria (OII, USA).
The preparatory team has the following responsibilities:

1. To help draw up a list of scholars ensuring representation and geographical balance
2. To select any other self-financed participants on the basis of agreed criteria
3. To assist the co-ordination and running of the event with the rest of the team
4. To identify methods of facilitation for each session within the Forum’s programme
5. To ensure a good cohesion and flow among different programme elements

We look forward to your application!

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