LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

23 September – “Celebrate Bisexuality Day”

Since 1999, 23 September is a “Celebrate Bisexuality Day”. This occasion is an opportunity to address the particular issues bisexual people face and also to raise the awareness about bisexuality and to celebrate the diversity of and differences within the LGBTI communities.

Visibility is essential in tackling discrimination and prejudice against bisexual people as well as myths about bisexuality. During the last year, many important events took place in Europe contributing to giving greater visibility of issues faced by bisexual people: the publication of a report on Bisexual inclusion in LGBT equality and diversity in the UK; the “Bisexuals in Pictures” exhibition in The Netherlands, and the first conference on bisexuality in Spain. There is also a lively bisexual community emerging on the internet and social media.

Unfortunately, there is still significant misunderstanding about bisexuality and even denial of bisexuality’s existence. Bisexual people, similarly to other groups within the LGBTI community, face discrimination and social exclusion. Moreover, the bisexual community often experiences the lack of understanding and acceptance by society in general and the lesbian and gay communities in particular.

ILGA-Europe reiterates its full commitment to full equality and respect of the human rights of bisexual people. Bisexual people are entitled to the same dignity and deserve the same opportunity to live their lives without prejudice and discrimination, develop and fully enjoy their identities and form relationships.

On this occasion, ILGA-Europe calls on the LGBTI communities to take a leading role in tackling prejudice against bisexual people and challenge normative approach to identity and sexuality.