LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

23 September - “Celebrate Bisexuality Day”

ILGA-Europe statement on the occassion of the “Celebrate Bisexuality Day”.

Since 1999, 23 September is a “Celebrate Bisexuality Day”. This occasion is an opportunity to address the particular issues bisexual people face and also to raise the awareness about bisexuality and to celebrate the diversity of and differences within the LGBTI communities.

Prejudice, discrimination and violence against bisexual people continues to be a significant concerns. In May 2013, the European Union’s Agency for Fundamental Rights revealed the finding of the largest ever Survey of experiences by lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people, which provided an insight to bisexual people’s experiences and shows that bisexual people experience significant degree of prejudice, discrimination and violence due to their sexual orientation.

The results make it clear that more specific and targeted legal, policy and social changes need to be initiated by European and national decision makers to protect people from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

In addition to discrimination and violence, the bisexual community often experiences lack of understanding and acceptance by society in general and also lesbian and gay communities.

ILGA-Europe reiterates its full commitment to full equality and respect of the human rights of bisexual people. Bisexual people are entitled to the same dignity and deserve the same opportunity to live their lives without prejudice and discrimination, develop and fully enjoy their identities and form relationships.

On this occasion, ILGA-Europe calls on the LGBTI communities to take a leading role in tackling prejudice against bisexual people and challenge normative approach to identity and sexuality.