LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Destination >> Equality

Since 2001, ILGA-Europe produced the printed Newsletter. Over the years, the concept of this publication has evolved and between 2008 and 2018 ILGA-Europe published a magazine called Destination>>EQUALITY.


Community Organising - Spring/Summer 2018



This edition is all about community organising - the power of people coming together to meet some of our most fundamental needs as human beings such as safety, care, belonging, sense of purpose. Beyond the personal, community organising is also a deeply political act, one that is at the centre of all movements for social change and social justice.

The 2018 edition of Destination >> Equality reminds us all that the more we continue to come together to empower each other and to organise together in an inclusive way, the more we will succeed in creating real change for LGBTI people in Europe, Central Asia and beyond

Race and ethnicity - Autumn 2016



This issue is a very first step for us at ILGA-Europe towards naming the specific challenges faced by people of different races and ethnicities in our movement, and making the realities of LGBTI people of colour or from ethnic minority backgrounds visible. Our fight for equality for LGBTI people demands that we genuinely look at how racism intersects with LGBTI-phobia, patriarchy and heterosexism. Raise your voice, educate yourself, reach out, let’s eradicate racism together.

Religion - Winter 2015/2016



In this edition:

  • Robin Sclafani, Director of A Jewish Contribution for an Inclusive Europe and Vice Chair of the European Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB), explore the essence of reconciliation between seemingly conflicting notions of the human rights of LGBTI people and religious rights, she also describes the work of ENORB. You can read joint statement by ENORB and ILGA-Europe on Shared Principles for Dialogue and Cooperation.
  • Erica Howard, Associate Professor in Law, Scholl of Law, Middlesex University in London, provides a framework, principles and useful ground rules based on international human rights law, for the practical resolution of the conflicts between the rights to freedom of religion and belief, the right to be free from religious discrimination and freedom from discrimination on the grounds on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Lorenzo Zucca, Professor of Law and Philosophy at King’s College London, demystifies conscientious objection principle frequently used by the opponents of LGBTI people’s human rights.
  • Dino Suhonic, Chairman of Maruf Foundation, European Queer Muslims Network, Florin Buhuceanu form the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups, and Michaël Vermeulen from the European Buddhist Union, provide reflection on the situation of LGBTI people and their rights within their particular religion/ worldview.
  • You can read interview with Krzysztof Charamsa, a Polish priest and theologian who worked at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Vatican and who came out as gay in October 2015.
  • Michaël Vermeulen, a Buddhist inspired philosopher who studies philosophy, medicine and religious sciences at the University of Leuven in Belgium, identifies four common myths often shared by all participants in a debate around LGBTI equality.
  • Read personal testimonies of LGBT Christians, Muslims and Buddhists about their experiences.

Intersex - Summer 2014



In this edition:

  • Sophie Aujean, Senior Policy and Programmes Officer, explains how ILGA-Europe’s work on intersex issues has evolved, the importance of the three intersex forums in this context and what is on the agenda of ILGA-Europe in the coming years.
  • Get familiar with the basic concepts regarding intersex.
  • Morgan Carpenter, President of OII Australia, sums up why Australia is currently a champion in advancing the rights of intersex people.
  • Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, is explaining why the rights of intersex people should be put more firmly on the human rights agenda of national governments.
  • Dr. Dan Christian Ghattas from OII Europe is presenting an overview of the advocacy work that has been carried out so far on a European level.
  • Del LaGrace Volcano explains how art can be used as an intersex activism tool.

Family - Winter 2013-2014



In this edition:

  • Silvan Agius, ILGA-Europe’s Policy Director, provides an overview of the current legal recognition of LGBTI families in Europe. While significant legal progress has been achieved, there is no room for complacency: new challenges are emerging and the main battle ahead is to win the hearts and minds of Europe.
  • ILGA-Europe's policy and key demands in the area of family.
  • Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, highlights the evolution of the concept of family in Europe and argues that the welfare and interests of children will be enhanced by the legal recognition of LGBTI families.
  • Agnes Uhereczky is the Director of COFACE, the Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union. She highlights the changing nature of family in Europe and the needs for universal inclusive European policies. She also talks about steps taken by her organisation to engage with LGBTI families.

Education - Winter 2012-2013

This edition focuses on the area of education and LGBTI people.

"Homosexual propaganda" bans - Autumn 2012

This edition focuses on the laws banning 'homosexual propaganda' in various European countries

Focus on gender - Winter 2011-2012

  • Focus on gender
  • Celebrating 15 years of ILGA-Europe

Multiple discrimination - winter 2010-1011

  • Celebrating diversity and taking a holistic approach to justice
  • Equality in times of economic crisis
  • Historic European agreement to tackle homo- and transphobia

Hate & Violence - Winter 2009-2010

  • Urgent call for Europe to tackle homophobia & transphobia
  • What makes people hate?
  • Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin: artist & educator

EU debates new anti-discrimination Directive - Autumn 2008

  • strong & broad support
  • refuting counter arguments
  • EU Commissioner Vladimir Spidla: "The fight is not over yet!"

'TransEurope' - Summer 2008

  • Transitioning towards full equality
  • Vladimir Luxuria: activist, actress & politician
  • Disturbing personal stories: forced sex change, sterilisation & murder

Europe in the World - Autumn 2007

  • is Europe to give more rights to same-sex couples?
  • LGBT rights on global agenda

Are we there yet? - Spring 2007

  • 10 years of ILGA-Europe: we have come a long way, but not there yet!
  • defending European liberalism and secularism'

Younger and older - Autumn 2006

  • annual conference: celebrating families and 10 years of ILGA-Europe
  • is EU social policy relevant to LGBT people?
  • challenges for young and older LGBT Europeans

Rainbow families - Spring 2006

  • challenges for LGBT parents and their children
  • LGBT Caucasus: terra incognita

Sexuality, religion, human rights - Winter 2005-2006

  • 'battle' of Poznan
  • challenges and advances for LGBT Europeans in faiths
  • ILGA European conferences: rolling the ball from Paris to Sofia

Pride & prejudice - Autumn 2005

  • Amnesty International on freedom of expression
  • Chişinău, Bucharest, Warsaw, Rīga… is Moscow next
  • free speech versus religious belief

Same-sex marriage - Summer 2005

- ultimate sign of equality of end of gay liberation?

  • Successful events for ILGA-Europe members
  • Joining voices against homophobia
  • Pinning down discrimination in courts

Are equality and non-discrimination becoming redundant in the EU? - Spring 2005

  • Challenges for gay youth
  • Gay victims of Nazis struggle for full recognition
  • Europe gears for summer pride events

Human rights:under construction - Winter 2004

  • ILGA European Conference 2004: success and lots of fun in Budapest
  • EU Anti-discrimination policy: renewed commitment needed
  • across Europe: more partnership rights but increased violence