LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Love photography and LGBTI activism? Then we need your help!

Community organising is the theme of the next edition of ILGA-Europe’s Destination >> Equality magazine. 

We have amazing interviews and articles written by activists from across Europe.

But one thing is missing…we need a cover photo for Destination >> Equality.

One that tells the story of LGBTI community organising in Europe. One that grabs your attention. And one that is of high enough quality to print! Can you help?

The ideas:

Community organising is all about people. It’s about finding others who share the same spirit, identifying common needs, working together, supporting each other and ultimately changing the world in some way.

  • We are not alone.
  • We have collective strength and power.
  • The more inclusive our organising is as LGBTI activists, the more empowering it becomes.

Do you have a photograph that captures part of this process? It could be a portrait of a person or a group, or a photo from an LGBTI event, performance or gathering.

Would you like it to appear on the cover of Destination >> Equality?

We would credit you as the photographer, display your work on our social media channels (if you are comfortable being named publicly that is!) and make sure to send you a copy when the magazine’s printed!

The technical details:

  • High quality, high-resolution photographs
  • 300dpi and CMYK
  • (Pictures from a camera phone won’t be enough!)
  • You must have full rights to the photograph
  • And everyone who is pictured in the photo must have given their consent to appear in it

Please send your files via WeTransfer to emma[at] 

We are waiting by our inboxes for your suggestions ;)