LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Prague 2019


The 23rd ILGA-Europe Annual Conference took place in Prague, Czech Republic from 23-26 October 2019. 


It was organised in close cooperation with two local host organisations: Proud and Prague Pride.

Conference reporter and former Executive Director of ILGA-Europe, Patricia Prendiville shares her thoughts from the Conference: Stronger Together as LGBTI Activists: What I learned from the ILGA-Europe Conference, Prague 2019

We know we owe a lot of the tremendous progress we know today in so many parts of our region to activists who were working on the liberation of our communities long before Stonewall.

At the 2019 ILGA-Europe Annual Conference, you will have a special conference app on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Find here bios of speakers at the Annual Conference 2019.

Read the welcome letter from the host organisations Proud and Prague Pride.

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ILGA-Europe continuously strive to make our events welcoming, safe and accessible to all.

Over the past few years, the whole ILGA-Europe team has placed intersectionality at the heart of the conference. 

Read more about the statutory Annual General Meeting for members of ILGA-Europe, which is held during the Annual Conference.

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